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Managing the future responsibly...
Çelebi’s management style is focused on objectives and results.
A continuously expanding lineup of products and services...
Çelebi’s ability to act quickly and nimbly is what enables it to pioneer change.
International-level expertise...
Çelebi is a powerful representative of corporate experience, knowledge, and discipline.
- Çelebi – HR Team of the Year

- ÇHH Vice President Global Sales & Marketing Athina Kapeni attented the panel during Air Cargo India!

- Çelebi Delhi Cargo Terminal received "Cargo Ground handler of the Year"!

- Ramp services by Çelebi Delhi GH to Cathay Pacific Cargo

- ÇelebiNas' passenger, ramp, cargo, warehouse services to Cathay Pacific!

- Skalite 2015 Award to Çelebi Ground Handling in Airport Ground Services category.

- G-20 Summit and Perfect Service by CGH Antalya Station Team!

- Çelebi Aviation Holding Group CEO Onno Boots on Cover of "Air Cargo Update" Magazine!

- Çelebi Running Team "Çelebrities" at TOÇEV Charity Run!

- Çelebi Group CEO, Mr. Onno Boots has been Speaker at the Indonesia Airports & Aviation Business Forum 2015!

- ISAGO audit at Çelebi Delhi Ground Handling completed successfully!

- Ms. Canan Çelebioğlu assigned as DEIK's Turkey-Inda Business Council Chairman

- ÇGH Bodrum Station has been certified as " Unimpaired Airport Company

- ÇGH Dalaman Station has been certified as " Unimpaired Airport Company

- Elvan Hamidoğlu, Çelebi Aviation Holding's President-Financial Affairs has been speaker at two conferences.

- Ms. Canan Çelebioğlu assigned as DEIK's Turkey-Inda Business Council Chairman

- Qatar Airlines has selected Çelebi Ground Handling as their freighter handling partner in Delhi

- The first London Gatwick flight was welcomed by Celebi Austria

- Çelebi Delhi Cargo Terminal received a Certificate of Appreciation by Cathay Pacific Airways


- 2015 July - OBoots - Unibusiness Interview

- Çelebi Aviation Holding’s objective is to be global brand in five years


- Çelebi Akademi IV mezunlarını verdi.

- Çelebi Delhi Cargo Terminal Management India Pvt. Ltd. Has been awarded "Excellent Position under Terminal Operator Category"


- We congratulate the awarded young painters at the Traditional Çelebi Painting Contest 2015 with the theme of «Happiness for me is...»

- Çelebi Ground Handling Delhi started to provide services to Air Asia’s domestic flights.

- Çelebi Ground Handling Hungary completed the ISAGO audit held by Qatar Airways’ auditors between Apr. 20-24, with “0” finding!

- Çelebi Ahmedabad Team informed that they started to provide ground handling services to daily Etihad flights on June 1st, 2015 at Ahmedabad,

- Çelebi Budapest Team started to provide ground handling services to Iberia on 2.6.2015 with 3 flights per week. Iberia operates narrow body containerized Airbuses to BUD (A319; A320; A321).

- Çelebi Ahmedabad Team started to provide ground handling services to daily Etihad flights on June 1st, 2015 at Ahmedabad,

- Çelebi Ground Handling is the “Platinum” Sponsor for the 28th IATA Ground Handling Conference.

- Çelebi’s New Import Cargo & Warehouse Building starts to provide services at Atatürk Airport

- Çelebi Ground Handling Services to Boeing 787 Dreamliner's demo flight at Atatürk Airport too

- "2014 The Best Service Provider Award" by United Cargo

- A multitude of awards and gala dinner for Budapest Airport’s partners

- Onno Boots is the new CEO of Çelebi Aviation Holding

- World brand of Turkish aviation sector, Çelebi maintains its growth trajectory in global arena: Çelebi is now at Ahmedabad Airport

- Çelebi Ground Handling opens two new lounges at Budapest Airport

- Erzincan University Ali Cavit Çelebioğlu School of Civil Aviation

- Çelebi Cargo secures RA3 certification in Istanbul and Delhi

- Çelebi starts operations in its new base at Atatürk Airport

- We are in an ineffable grief because of the disaster occured in a mine in Soma, Manisa.

- Çelebi Aviation Group strengthens further with its strategic purchase in Vienna.

- ÇHS’s tradition of ‘perfection’ continues with ISAGO certification.

- Çelebi makes significant contribution to Friends of India Association (FOIA).

- Condor Airlines and Çelebi celebrate 20th anniversary of their cooperation

- Dalaman welcomes first visit of revolutionary Thomson 787 Dreamliner.

- Çelebi / Actera Partnership

- Cemil Erman interview

- 2013 Air Transport News Awards – Turkish Airlines, Istanbul Ataturk Airport, AirAsia, Genève Aéroport, Angela Gittens and Raymond Benjamin among the winners

- Çelebi decided for its slogan: "OUR STRENGTH IS OUR SERVICE"

- Çelebi participated to The Airport Development and Expansion Summit 2012.

- Cemil Erman participated to the “Finance Café” program on CNBC-e.

- ÇGH Delhi received «Service Excellence Award» from Delhi State Hajj Committee.

- Çelebi Nas/Mumbai-India received a letter of thanks from Air France.

- Çelebi at 55: The Turkish name in the global civil aviation industry

- Çelebi’s president of cargo, Cemil Erman: Çelebi’s approach is to focus on “strategic locations”.

- The Çelebi contribution to India's air cargo industry

- Frankfurt Cargo GmbH introduced.

- Ali Cavit Çelebioğlu School of Civil Aviation inaugurated by Prime Minister Erdoğan.

- Çelebi opened Cargo Warehouse at Frankfurt Airport.

- ÇGH services Nasair in three stations.

- Çelebi Delhi signs contracts with new clients.

- Renovations and improvements at Çelebi Delhi Cargo

- Five-star service from CGHH to Qatar Airways

- Çelebi becomes the first Turkish company to obtain ISAGO registration.

- ÇGH Dalaman receives two awards.

- ÇGH Diyarbakır provides exceptional service to the President.

- ÇGH Ankara gives VIP service to French President.

- ÇGH SAW starts to give services to Air Arabia Maroc.

- Malaysian President receives services from ÇGH Ankara.

- First service from ÇGH SAW to Wizz Air

- Letter of thanks from Malaysia Airlines to ÇGH SAW

- ÇGH Erzurum praised for its support to Winter Universiade.

- Sky Airlines receives its first service from ÇGH Van.

- ÇGH ATA gives exceptional services to Nigerian President.

- Growing with new restaurants, LC Turkey excels at inspections.

- Çe-Tur renews contracts, gives services to BP.

- ÇGH Çorlu employs “Quick Check-in System”.

- Çelebi continues to support the “At Home” Project.

Current News
ÇHS’s tradition of ‘perfection’ continues with ISAGO certification.

Thanks to its high standards and high-quality service, Çelebi, global player of Turkish civil aviation, continues to be identified with its tradition of “perfection” in international arena.

ÇHS won ISAGO (International Air Transport Association Safety Audit for Ground Operations) certification, the biggest accolade an airport ground handler can win, following the successful completion of recent comprehensive audits in its Ankara and Kayseri stations with ‘zero finding and zero observation marks’. ÇHS is the leader ground handler in Turkey and takes the third place globally with its General Directorate and 13 stations which have ISAGO certification in Turkey and abroad; Ankara, Adana, Antalya, Bodrum, Dalaman, İzmir, Kayseri, Samsun, Trabzon, İstanbul Atatürk, and İstanbul Sabiha Gökçen airports, and its affiliates abroad, namely Budapest airport in Hungary, and Vienna airport in Austria. And ÇHS’s Diyarbakır and Van stations and its affiliates in Delhi and Mumbai airports in India, are getting ready to be listed on the ISAGO registry.

Attracting attention to importance of the civil aviation sector which transports goods worth in excess of $6.4 trillion, approximately 35% of the world trade and %3,5 of the global economy, ÇHS Director General Koray Özbay said, “airlines carry around three billion passengers, nearly half of the world population, every year. The civil aviation sector bearing such value in every respect requires high service standards as well as high technology. Having 55 years of experience, Çelebi’s high standards, high quality services, and perfectionist approach are acknowledged globally with the ISAGO audits.”

Çelebi Hava Servisi A.Ş. (CHS) Kayseri station won ISAGO certification following audits on 8-9-10 October, and Ankara station on 5-6-7 December. The audit in Kayseri which was conducted by AEGEAN Airlines, and the audit in Ankara which was conducted by Azerbaijan Airlines teams both confirmed our tradition of “perfection”.  Both Kayseri and Ankara stations won certification with “zero finding – zero observation mark” following an audit covering a 402-question check-list that lasted three-days in an interval of one month. Successfully accomplishing all initial and renewal ISAGO audits, Kayseri and Ankara stations continued our tradition of “zero finding – zero observation marks”.  The Air France auditors, known as the toughest team of ISAGO, had earlier stated that they had their first “zero finding – zero observation mark” experience with ÇHS during a renewal audit in İzmir station.

Çelebi Hava Servisi Director General Koray Özbay commented on their “zero finding” record with ISAGO. “If we look at the situation of the aviation sector in the world, we see that 3,5% of the global economy is based on aviation. The aviation sector which directly becomes a source of income for 57 million families carries around three billion passengers, nearly half of the world population. In 2012, 42.6% of the world population, which is accepted to consist of 7.046 billion people, - that is, three billion people – used airlines. The air transportation that will drop carbon emission 50% in 2050 compared to 2005, is the ‘most reliable transportation platform’ with an accident rate of one per five million flights, including domestic lines. And the air cargo transports goods worth in excess of $6.4 trillion, approximately 35% of the world trade and %3,5 of the global economy,” said Özbay, emphasising the importance and dimensions of the aviation sector.

Drawing attention to the fact that Çelebi is the first private company in ground handling sector in Turkey, Özbay said, “Adopting a ‘perfectionist’ approach for 55 years, Çelebi offers services at global standards with its rooted experience, high technology, and qualified workforce. Taking its place among most important brands in its field in global arena, Çelebi’s high standards and high quality service are appreciated  and demanded all over the world as well as with Turkey. Our service quality is confirmed by both awards, and letters, thank you notes and letters of appreciation from our customers. Yet, the most tangible indicator of high standards and high quality is the ISAGO audits. So far, we have successfully completed a total of 18 ISAGO initial and renewal audits in our Head Office and 13 stations with ‘zero’ finding – ‘zero’ observation marks. As the Çelebi, we had a very important, record-breaking success in ISAGO audits with a 402-item checklist.” Özbay thanked to all members of the Çelebi Family who created and maintained this tradition of perfection.

ÇHS, the first ISAGO certified institution in Turkey

Regardless of a 28 September 2010 circular issued by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation which obliged “IATA’s international ISAGO audits for airports with a passenger capacity over one million, Çelebi, deeply-rooted and pioneer institution of civil aviation in Turkey and ‘global player’ of international arena, initiated its efforts seven months before on March 2010.

Designing its ISO 9001, OHSAS 18001 and ISO 14001 Integrated Management Systems in this direction as of 2007, Çelebi successfully completed its first ISAGO audit, which was the Çelebi Hava Servisi Head Office Institutional Audit, conducted on 10-14 August 2010. Following a successfully completed audit in ÇHS Istanbul Station at Atatürk Airport on 21 November 2010 with “zero finding – zero observation” marks, which resulted in obtaining ISAGO registry, Çelebi Hava Servisi became “the first Turkish ground handler which received ISAGO certification in Turkey”.

Along with the Head Office, ÇHS’s stations in Adana, Ankara, Antalya, Bodrum, Dalaman, İzmir, Kayseri, Samsun, Trabzon, Istanbul Atatürk and Istanbul Sabiha Gökçen airports in Turkey and its affiliates in Budapest airport in Hungary and Vienna airport in Austria have ISAGO certification. ÇHS is the leader ground handler in Turkey and takes the third place globally with its General Directorate and 13 stations in Turkey and abroad which all have ISAGO certification. And ÇHS’s Diyarbakır and Van stations are getting ready to be listed on the ISAGO registry in 2014. Çelebi’s Delhi and Mumbai stations in India will be audited in 2013. An ISAGO renewal audit will be conducted in ÇHS’s stations in Istanbul Atatürk, Istanbul Sabiha Gökçen, Adana and Trabzon airports in 2014. The other two ground handling firms in Turkey each have ISAGO registry in five airports.

ISAGO (IATA Safety Audit for Ground Operations)

ISAGO (IATA Safety Audit for Ground Operations emerged following IATA’s Ground Damage Prevention Program, which was begun in 2005 with a goal of halving the annual cost of ground damage — estimated at approximately $4 billion – in the world.

The IATA Safety Audit for Ground Operations (ISAGO) is a tool developed by IATA for controlling and improving operational safety of ground handlers in coordination with air carriers, ground handlers, civil aviation authorities, airport operators and other aviation sector institutions in order to prevent safety violations and ground accidents.

ISAGO program is an audit system conducted in a standardized and consistent manner for ground handlers, using internationally recognized quality auditing principles. The ISAGO audit system consists of a 402-item checklist. IATA Safety Audit for Ground Operations (ISAGO) aims to eliminate redundant audits which ground handlers are subject to by airlines. Along with elimination of redundant audits, ISAGO also aims to improve operational safety in aviation, and reduce accidents and incidents on airport ramps to minimum. So far, ISAGO has awarded a total of 240 certifications worldwide.

IATA (International Air Transport Association)

Founded in 1945 and having over 270 aviation company members from 140 countries, including the ÇHS, IATA represents nearly 93% of international scheduled traffic.

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